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SAS Testimonials

SAS Trainers,
We would like to express our appreciation for what you have done for our 8 year old son.
Dawson loves coming to train with you! It’s always a little bit different which keeps him from getting bored. We have noticed a difference in his energy level, his endurance, his quickness, his strength, his skill set, his footwork, his agility, and most importantly his self-confidence. The training has helped him in his overall athleticism that has translated over into his soccer, flag football, and PE classes. The best part of this training has been to watch our son gain self-confidence.
Thank you for making him feel important. Many times he has been the youngest kid training, but you’ve gone out of your way to make him feel special. We will continue to spread the word about your program and the ways it has benefited our son.
Thanks again,
-Bill and Shirley McLaughlin


S.A.S. is a great fit for my family.  Now I’m able to work out at the same time my kids do.   Instructors make it fun for me and my girls every time.  I’m in the best shape ‘Ive been in over 15 years!  Thanks.
Gwen Belcher


S.A.S. has been awesome for my 9th grade boys.  They had a noticeable improvement in strength and definition, in preparation for their high school football season.  The knowledgeable and courteous staff  knows everyone by name and follows up to ensure that you are progressing properly.  I highly recommend for both kids and adults.
Sandra Barrett


SAS Team brings the same high energy and focus to each and every class. We have seen a significant improvement in our 11 year old sons speed, agility and strength in just the last 6 months since we joined. We never have to ask him to attend one of the classes, he loves to go, mostly because Kyle, Corey and Christian make it tough and challenging but fun! Thank you.
Lou &  Chrissy Paolillo


S.A.S has been a life time change for my health & fitness. While I still have a way to go I feel amazing at the age of 52. Both Kyle Webber & Corey O’Daniel are very knowledgeable & motivational as well as being exceptionally nice young men. Strength & Honor.
Wayne Player


Kyle, Corey and Christian are simply the best!  Top of the line, experienced trainers, who give 250% of their time to YOUR fitness goals.  Looking to take your game higher – S.A.S is where you want to be.  Looking to reach your fitness goals – you’re in good hands at S.A.S.  Looking for solid results – come to S.A.S!  Kyle, Corey and Christian are tremendous at giving individual attention to each student and keeping motivation high at every level and for every athlete.  These guys are passionate about your athletic success –  you want it, you got it at S.A.S.  — working hard with heart!
The Czajas


Great, quick cardio workouts!!! Definitely a great place to be! Extremely personable and the staff show you how to do each exercise/workout so you know exactly what to do! You go at your own pace and don’t have to worry about everyone watching you like you would at a typical gym. Truly a motivating facility that makes you want to work hard and reach your health goals!!!
Jenna Smith


I spent time here talking to the owners. Two young men with good hearts and a drive to give back. What else could you ask for, these are the type of people you want to be connected to in life. I pray your business surpasses all expectations.
Carey A. Reddick


SAS is the best training program I have ever been to.  Not only do I see results for me, but kids have benefited immensely with the specialized training for kids under 18.  Nowhere else can we work out together as a family.
Luis de Cardenas


This crew operated a first class field day for a wide age range of children aged 5-18…every child left exhausted and happy! The coaches had great attitudes, amazing patience and smiled the entire time. We are serious SAS fans!
Lyette Reback


FUN AND EFFECTIVE! I am so glad my son found out how fabulous S.A.S is! First, I love that it is not a posh, fancy gym with walled mirrors and a silent atmosphere.  He knows when he gets there that it is time to sweat! Second,  he is instructed by positive role models.  Not only do they personify a very (very) fit lifestyle but they are also positive and encouraging.  What a combination! I know when he is there that he will not be exposed to profanity or negativity. Third, the music keeps him motivated and the workout is never the same.  He never complains about having to attend S.A.S; in fact, he looks forward to it.  Why? The results.  There is no denying that he has had a dramatic improvement in overall athletic performance because of S.A.S.  Thank you S.A.S.
Kara B


I have 10 years working in the gym industry. SAS has everything you need in a sports training facility, to include two owners with the experience, knowledge and passion to help people better themselves. 5 stars all day!!!
Josh Doup


My daughter and her boyfriend both play college sports. Thanks for keeping them in tip top shape this summer! They both went back way ahead of the rest!
Ashley Hoover Bolchoz


The training is a great combination of strength and cardio, plus enough fun to motivate my son to ask if he can train at SAS twice a day!
Janet Reilly Markowitz


Great place to get yourself fit, work up a sweat and to lose some weight.
Tony DiGregorio


Best trainers in the county!
Jordan Player